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Battalion Chiefs

May contain: accessories, tie, accessory, person, military, officer, human, military uniform, clothing, suit, overcoat, apparel, coat, captain, flag, and symbol
Battalion Chief Andy Taylor



A Shift Battalion


Phone: 707 795-6011


Year Started With District:  1988

Hometown:  Petaluma

Educational Background:  Andy holds an Associate’s Degree in Fire Technology from Santa Rosa Junior College.

Career History:  Andy started as a volunteer Firefighter in 1988 and became a full-time Engineer in 1992.  He promoted to Captain in 1997 and Battalion Chief in 2001.

Special Projects: Fire Prevention and Technology.

Hobbies:  Andy enjoys fishing on his time off.




May contain: clothing, apparel, overcoat, coat, suit, human, military uniform, military, person, officer, captain, tie, accessories, accessory, flag, and symbol
Battalion Chief Herb Wandel

C Shift Battalion Chief


Phone: 707 795-6011


Special Projects: Training Officer, Station Maintenance Coordinator, and Fleet Maintenance Coordinator. 















Battalion Chief Michael Weihman

 B Shift Battalion Chief


Phone: 707 795-6011


Year Started With District:  1988

Hometown:  Greenwich, CT

Educational Background:  Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Career History:  Mike began his career as a volunteer firefighter with Volunteer Hose & Chemical Co. #2 in Greenwich, CT.  He then served as volunteer firefighter for Penngrove/Rancho Adobe from 1988-1994.  From 1994-2004 Mike became a volunteer Engineer/stipend sleeper and was hire full-time in 2004 as a Captain. He was promoted to Battalion Chief in 2015.

Special Projects:  Weed hazard abatement, electronic equipment specialist, policy development, part-time firefighter staffing, community disaster preparedness, radio communications and dispatch and HazMat specialist.

Hobbies:  Mike enjoys hiking, mountaineering and ice hockey on his time off.




May contain: person, officer, human, military, military uniform, and symbol

Steve Davidson


Year Started With District:  1975

Hometown:  Penngrove

Educational Background:  Associates Degree

Career History:  Steve began his career as a night dispatcher in 1975, in 1976 he became a volunteer firefighter, and was hire in 1984 as a full-time firefighter/mechanic.  In 1986, Steve became a Captain and the training officer and a Division Chief of Operations in 1995. Steve then promoted to Battalion Chief in 1998 and retired from Rancho Adobe in 2015.

Special Projects:  Steve supports the fire district as needed.





Dave Welch