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SB 1205 Compliance: Mandated Inspections

B 1205 Compliance: Mandated Inspections

Mandated Inspections and Compliance Reporting

In 2018 Senate Bill 1205 (SB 1205) became effective after being signed in to law by the California Governor in 2018. SB 1205 amended the California Health and Safety Code to require annual inspections and reporting on all currently mandated inspections (schools: both public and private). The amendment known as Senate Bill 1205 increased these mandated inspections for schools to now also include hotels, motels, lodging houses, and apartments. The new state law amendment also requires annual reporting to be completed as to the findings of those inspections. The law requires each governance body to accept the report and adopt a resolution stating the results of the report with its acceptance in a formal resolution or similar manner. Unless otherwise determined by the governing body of the fire department, the report shall occur when the authority having jurisdiction discusses its annual budget. This landmark bill was largely the result of numerous inquiries by the state legislature to the "Ghost Ship Fire" that occurred in the bay area when a warehouse was illegally converted for use as housing.

The Fire Districts Association of California shared:

     "SB 1205 holds jurisdictional policy makers accountable..."

The major provisions of the law may be found at the following website: