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How many engines do you have?

There are (3) type 1s, (1) type 2, (3) type 3s, (2) water tenders, (1) light rescue type 6, (5) utility vehicles, and (1) inflatable rescue craft.  With both urban and rural areas in our district, firefighters utilize all of the apparatus for the wide variety of calls we respond to.


Why does an engine respond to every medical aid with an ambulance?

The crew on an engine is dispatched to medical aids to provide extra resources on the call.  Many times, the engine is first on scene and is able to provide medical care prior to the ambulance arriving.  As care transitions to the paramedic ambulance, the engine crew will stay to assist with what ever is needed to efficiently care for the patient.


What do firefighters do when they are not on emergency calls?

Morning Preparation:  When a firefighters arrives to work for their shift, their first priority is to check their gear and equipment to ensure they are prepared for the next call.  The crew also designates a time in their daily schedule for physical fitness.

Training:  The officers of each shift coordinate activities during the day to refresh skills and keep up-to-date on changes that are happening.  Continuous preperation and training allow us to provide safe and productive service for the community.

House Chores:  Every day, the firefighters have chores such as mopping the apparatus bay, dusting and mowing the lawn in order to keep our stations clean.  Firefighters work 48 hour shifts; it's our second home.


Can I take a tour of the station?

Yes.  You may visit any of our 3 stations from the hours of 8am-5pm any day for a tour.  Due to varying daily schedules and unplanned events, the crew may not be in quarters if you arrive.  For planned tours, we recommend contacting us at (707) 795-6011 to set up a date and time for your tour.


How do I schedule a ride-along?

If interested in joining the on-duty crew on a ride-along, you may contact (707) 795-6011 to schedule a time.  There is a waiver that needs to be signed prior to your ride-along.  Anyone under the age of 18 will need a guardian's permission.