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Emergency Services

Rancho Adobe responds to a variety of emergency and non-emergency calls for services. Emergency responses include fire suppression of residences, commercial buildings, outbuildings, vehicle fires, vegetation fires, outdoor fires, and trash fires.  We also respond to mutual aid calls from other jurisdictions within the County and the State, including calls for mutual aid for wildland fires, such as the recent October firestorm.  

Additionally, we respond to emergency medical incidents, vehicle accidents, hazardous materials threats, and various technical rescue incidents. Non-emergency services include fire code enforcement, fire inspections of buildings and facilities, and fire investigative services.

As another valuable service, RAFPD actively promotes community preparedness. We recognize the importance of change to meet the needs of the community. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is to get our citizens familiar and involved with the many facets of the District. We are dedicated to strengthening our partnership with the community, and work to develop mutual respect and pride in ourselves and the community we serve.