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Casey Gray



Year Started With District: 2018

Hometown:  Petaluma

Educational Background:  Casey holds a high school diploma, has college credits and is working towards his Fire Technology Degree.

Career History:  Casey is a professional rock climbing guide and has worked in construction with a background focused in framing.

Hobbies:  Casey enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, family time and anything outdoors.


Matt Achen



Year Started With District: 2020

Hometown:  Meadown Vista, CA

Educational Background: Matt graduated from Colfax High School, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from California Lutheran University, and has an Associate’s Degree in Fire Technology from Santa Rosa Junior College. 

Career History:  Matt has worked in various I.T. and technology positions the past 12 years. He started with Rancho Adobe as an Intern.

Hobbies:  Matt enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, and camping.

James Norton



Year Started With District: 2018

Hometown:  Mill Valley, CA

Educational Background: James graduated from Tamalpais High School and then went on to pursue his Fire Science Degree from SRJC.

Career History:  James spent 13 years working as a driver for UPS and is now a full-time Dad and firefighter for Rancho Adobe.

Hobbies:  James has been a network administrator, ambassador for cycling and skateboarding, both activities he enjoys doing on his time off.


Wesley Rager



Year Started With District:  2018

Hometown:  Pleasanton

Educational Background:  Wesley holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Sonoma State University, an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science Technology from Santa Rosa Junior College, and a Paramedic License from NCTI in Livermore.

Career History:  Wesley has been working with Rancho Adobe Fire since 2018 and volunteering with Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department since 2019.

Hobbies:  Wesley is a diehard San Jose Earthquakes soccer fan.


Hunter Van Emmerik



Year Started With District: 2018

Hometown:  Chula Vista, CA

Educational Background:  Hunter graduated from Ferndale High School, and then went on to Humboldt State, College of the Redwoods and graduated from University of Wyoming.

Career History:  Hunter was previously an intern at Rancho Adobe Fire.

Hobbies:  Hunter played football for the University of Wyoming and enjoys hiking playing the guitar and piano.


Dominic Ayers



Year Started With District: 2022

Hometown:  Penngrove, CA

Educational Background:  Dominic graduated from Petaluma High School, attended Butte Community College, and is currently attending Santa Rosa Junior College.

Career History:  Dominic started as a volunteer with Wilmar Fire Department in 2019 and is currently a Part-Time Firefighter with Rancho Adobe.

Hobbies:  Dominic enjoys the outdoors, hunting, and fishing.


Nick Carlson


Year Started With District: 2018

Hometown:  Novato, CA

Educational Background:  Nick graduated from Novato High School in 2008 and then continued on to Aegis FC "A and C' School and then attended the US Navy as a Search and Rescue Swimmer School.

Career History:  Nick was a member of Aegis Fire Controlman 2nd Class in the US Navy fro 2009-2015. He was also a Surface Search and Rescue Swimmer from 2010-2015. He is currently a volunteer for Wilmar Fire.

Hobbies:  Nick enjoys riding motorcycles and being around animals.


Eric Henneberque



Nick Kaiser



Ian Kenealy



Clayton Adair

Jacob Bell

Alex Gardner

John Geissinger

TJ Green

Jamie Holden

Nicholas Klimenko

Ethan McNamara